Free Surround Sound Music Downloads

Free Surround Sound Music Downloads! Multi channel FLAC, stereo FLAC and MP3 for your iPhone, iPad, Smartphone, Android Tablet, computer or Home Cinema.

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Surround Sound Music Audio Codecs

(5 days ago) DTS is an alternative codec to Dolby Digital developed by DTS, Inc. formerly known as D igital T heater S ystem. Just like Dolby Digital, DTS is a lossy codec capable of …

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(5 days ago) SURROUND SOUND MUSIC A blog about everything related to surround sound music. Free surround sound music and more at!

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11 Best Surround Sound Music Discs

(6 days ago) Amazing! 5. Henri Mancini – Ultimate Mancini SACD. With an all-star lineup of artists including Stevie Wonder, Take 6, Tom Scott, Gary Burton and Plas Johnson returning …

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Surround Sound Music Optical Formats

(8 days ago) Hi, the only commercial download format for surround sound music at the moment is FLAC, as used by 2L or LINN (altough only in stereo in the case of LINN). FLAC …

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Inception Blu-ray surround soundtrack

(9 days ago) Inception Blu-ray – With 5.1 surround soundtrack. by Sung-Kyu; in Recommendations Reviews; posted March 6, 2012; Hans Zimmer’s exceptional score to the …

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Sailing the Seas of Cheese Blu-ray

(3 days ago) With the Sailing the Seas of Cheese Blu-ray Primus is releasing a deluxe edition of their major label debut album, which will include a CD with the stereo re-mixes and a Blu …

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