Download All Images

Bulk download images 2. Filter based on file properties 3. Filter based on image properties such as width and height 4. Deep image search (extract images from the current page and subsequent pages) 6. Can detect single image path 7. Can download photos in ZIP format 8. Can detect the original image size from thumbnail Bug reports: https

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Download Bilibili videos

(9 days ago) A download icon will appear in the lower right corner. When you click on this icon, the download link extraction process will be performed. The …

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Download with JDownloader

(Just Now) This extension connects your browser to the JDownloader. JDownloader is a Java-based download manager. This extension offers two operation modes: 1. Sends downloading jobs from the right-click context menu 2. Interrupts the built-in download manager and redirects your requests to the JDownloader The interruption mode is not active by default.

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Chrome Web Store

(2 days ago) everything is awesome, but it lacks a two very extremely important features: 1. an option to search the whole directory 2: a files folder where I can find all files uploaded in the stream of a class I am seriously have a lot of trouble finding a specific file uploaded 1 to 2 months before etc. only if there was the search option, all I would have to do is type the name and …

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NWEA Secure Testing

(4 days ago) The NWEA™ Secure Testing app provides students the ability to complete our K–12 assessments in kiosk mode using Chromebooks®. We recommend this app only be used with Chrome OS.

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Single html downloader

(7 days ago) Download as a single html file for the current page with images and styles. "Single html downloader" is the extension program which downloads the website as a single HTML file which you are watching now.

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Coursera HD Video Downloader

(Just Now) I wanted to download Coursera course videos so that there would be no network issues when I watch course videos but the clarity of downloaded videos was quite low. This extension helped me a lot and now I can download coursera videos in …

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Mouse Pointer Highlighter

(Just Now) This is a very simple plugin that will highlight your cursor in chrome and indicates click actions. It should simplyfy screen sharing sessions and help your …

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Download Facebook-videoer

(5 days ago) 3. Open Facebook video downloader Chrome/Firefox 4. Wait a few moments. 5. Click on the quality you want to download. 6. On the new tab, the file will automatically download and then save to your device. Version 3.0.1 Added ☀ Download Facebook subtitles (closed caption). ☀ Convert Facebook video to mp4. ☀ Download Ultra HD 1440p, Full HD

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CRX Extractor/Downloader

(4 days ago) Download CRX Files directly as crx or zip file depending upon your choice. CRX Extractor/Downloader. do cung cấp (303) 40.000+ người dùng. Tổng quan. Download CRX Files directly as crx or zip file depending upon your choice.

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