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General Introduction to Email Marketing
- With the strong growth of the Internet and e-commerce, today people have taken advantage of the advantages of email in business applications on the Internet and this form was fairly good effective. There have been many individuals and businesses use email marketing to sell profitable products to millions of dollars each year.

 - Email is the communication method is not limited in time, space, geographical distance, conditions of use, ... more advantages than even when compared to other mode of communication.

 - With integrated send and receive email on today's mobile phones, emails will be even more popular.

 - The email interface is many people think that is a way to exchange information very subtle, reflecting the respect of the message sender to the receiver, allowing the receiver to actively choose, consider the time space, the response message, ...

Email Marketing ads bring superior performance than other advertising media

While traditional advertising channels such as television, newspapers, print ad, ... the vast majority are not able to meet the following factors: number of people who see the ad, advertising frequency, Delivery rate accuracy right target audience, etc., on the other hand, can email their superiority in all required tracking, achieve efficiency.

So why do not you start an email advertising methods because of the following reasons:

 - Access to the right target audience and according to the time of
 - Convenient feedback
 - Save at least 75% compared with other forms of advertising; allow feedback to help measure advertising effectiveness
 - It is possible to expand the target audience in the form of allowing forward
 - Measurement results ad absolutely accurate to the object receiving the message
   Information transmission is a quick and accurate
 - Diversity in stylish design
 - Abundant expression content
 - Actively adjust the time to send and receive
 - Can be commercialized (integrated website link)
 - This is the kind of world that anyone can use (Yahoo, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google, etc. have been used)
 - Customers, suppliers, partners, and most importantly, your competitors are also using
List of email addresses play an important role in your marketing strategies. 
- List of email addresses play an important role in your marketing strategies. However, if you do not have a list of email addresses matches the potential customers, you can hardly get positive feedback. 
- And there is another problem that is most of the email lists for sale are too old and no longer used.
- All of our email addresses are scanned periodically, inspected regularly and we also remove duplicate addresses or death ones. At the same time, we will proceed to add a large number of new email addresses of 2015 with millions of email addresses.
- Especially we are the exclusive agent of large data centers in many countries around the world. Our Email List every day a better one.
- Let us help you to make a sudden profit through providing list of emails which have been screened and carefully selected
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